Litt om Haukelirennet


Welcome to Norway's happiest ski run! Haukelirennet is one of the few tour runs in Norway that is in freestyle, and the trail winds through the majestic nature of Hardangervidda. We have classes that suit everyone - whether or not you want to participate against the clock.

The full Haukeli course is 32 kilometres. The active class is divided into five-year intervals and participates against the clock. In the same field, exercise classes start, whether you want to ski 18 or 32 kilometres. These participants are also timed, but are not classed. The youths start side by side with the elite and follow parts of the same route for a total of 12 kilometres. There are children's events for the youngest in the finish area, and the mascots Hauk and Eli cheer the youngest on. The exercise class is open to all ages and you can go as far or short a distance as you like without timing. There is a participation prize for everyone who is registered. We hope to see you at Haukelirennet.

Kontakt Haukelirennet

Leder: Trond Neri Flothyl
Telefon: 90771119
Mail: trond.flothyl@haukelirennet.no
Kontaktperson: Geir Aslak Kastet
Telefon: 954 81 314
Mail: geiraslak@haukelirennet.no