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Cross country skiing is a winter sport where the skiers cover various distances in terrain, either individually or as part of a team. Traditional cross country uses the classic style, where the skier follows the ski tracks with the skis gliding forwards alternately. In recent years freestyle skiing has become more prevalent in cross country, with the skiers using the skis like ice skaters, with the skis further out from the body with a kicking action

Regardless of the style of the competition, competitive cross country is all about being the fastest round the circuit. There is a variety of cross country disciplines, with the Skiathlon and relays amongst the most popular. Cross country is a highly popular and much loved sport in Norway, and not least a leisure time activity enjoyed by many Norwegians. The sport is an all round activity, and when the snow disappears you will often see cross country skiers training on roller skis along the roads and pathways.

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