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The objective of golf, which is played outdoors on a golf course, is to use the minimum number of strikes at the ball to put or hit the golf ball into a hole in the ground. A standard golf course is 18 holes, but there are also 6 and 9 hole courses. The players have a set of clubs of various sizes and form that they use to hit the ball towards the target holes around the course and to get on the green, a smoothly mown area around the hole where the players then use a special club, a ‘putter’ for the final attempt to drop the ball in the hole. Hinders of varying types, including water hinders, sand pits and so forth are placed between the holes to increase the difficulty of the game and test the players’ skills. The first strike for each hole is taken from the tee-off area, which is usually between 100- 550 metres from the target hole. Each hole is marked with a flag place in the hole. The first strike is made with the ball on a small plastic ‘tee’ , and subsequent strikes with the ball on the grass where it came to rest. Each player continues until his or her ball is in the hole, and the player who has struck the ball fewest times wins the game.

Golf is a very social sport that provides good, healthy exercise together with the opportunity to meet many others as you progress around the course. The game is suitable for young and old alike and the rules are easy to learn. Golf can be played on a one-to-one basis or as a team sport.

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