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Badminton is a leisure activity that can be played anywhere, but as a sport is only played indoors on a court. Matches are played as singles, 2 opposing players, or doubles, 2 pairs of opposing players. Badminton is the fastest racket & ball game in the world. The world speed record for a shuttlecock is currently 493 kph. Badminton is played on a 13.4 metre long court using a racquet and a shuttlecock. The players hit the shuttlecock between them over a net and to avoid the shuttlecock landing on the ground.

The game starts with a serve. The individual game is won when the opposing player fails to return the shuttlecock or places it out of the court. Both players can earn points for each shuttlecock served, regardless of who served. The winner of the exchange continues to serve. A badminton match consists of three sets each of 21 points, and each set is won by a minimum of 2 points. The player winning 2 of the three sets wins the match. Badminton is very easy to learn. Top level badminton is an extremely demanding sport that tests the players’ skills, speed, reactions and stamina to the maximum. Excellent hand-eye co-ordination is a must, as is a good grasp of tactics. Children and adults of all ages can play badminton.

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