Nome Jeger og Fiskeforening

Leder: Andreas Hauge
Telefon: 90180408
Kontaktperson: Andreas Hauge
Telefon: 90180408

Jakt og fiske

Norges jeger og fiske-forbund – The Norwegian Hunting & Fishing Association – is a national organisation for hunters and sports fishermen and a major contributor to the dissemination of knowledge about hunting and fishing. An absolute premise for all hunting and fishing is that nature is capable of producing sufficient game and fish that allows harvesting. This is one of the main areas of interest and activity of all hunting and fishing associations

Fishing and angling is the catching of wild fish and crustaceans in both salt and freshwater. A fishing rod and line with one or more hooks is used to this end. Fishing as a pastime is called sports fishing, and some of our most important species here are perch, trout and cod. Hunting is all about tracking and shooting or trapping wild animals and birds. It is usual to differentiate between small and large game hunting. Anyone who wishes to engage in hunting must first attend courses and qualify for a huntsman’s certificate.

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